Saturday, May 26, 2007

Very Strawberry

Photo: 1- The harvest 2- Isabela picking strawberries
3- Michaela showing off 4- In our garden

The kids are fruit eaters. And strawberries are one of the favorites.

It is now strawberry season. They are eager for the taste.

They are so happy to see it growing all over, too.

Because we can harvest in our lawn garden. Or up in the mountain in Opa's (Grandpa) vegetable/fruit garden.

The first few strawberries from our garden went straight into the mouth of the kids. They were so small like buttons but so juicy, too. The initial harvest from Opa's garden was a basketfull. The kids ate them like popcorns. Shoving them in their mouths, one after the other. The basket was empty before reaching our car. That was only a 2 mins walk!

Almost everyday, they visit the garden to look for ripe strawberries. And every other day, we drive to Opa's garden to look for more. You think we would have enough? Hmm, not yet, at least.

Aside from having a steady supply of these sweet and juicy fresh fruit, we get to eat strawberry salad, strawberry cakes, strawberry with ice cream, strawberry joghurt, strawberry with cream, etc. Oh, I simply check in the web for another new recipe with strawberries to experiment on.

The only thing that I hate about this heart shaped fruit? The stain it leaves on clothes. But I already learned my lesson. When it is strawberry season, I just pull out the darkly printed clothes out of the closets. That goes not only for the kids, but for me and my husband, too.

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