Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pan de Sal Recipe

(Using a Bread Machine)

500 g. all purpose flour
1 pack powdered yeast (equivalent to 25 g. fresh yeast)
5 tbsp. brown sugar
1 tsp salt
270 ml. fresh milk

2-3 tsp. cooking oil
some bread crumbs


1. Put all ingredients, except the cooking oil and the bread crumbs, in the bread machine tin. Choose the program for kneading.
2. Do not close the cover. Check the dough during the kneading process. Add more milk if the dough is hard or add a little flour if it is too soft.
3. After 5-10 mins, add the cooking oil. Then close the cover.
4. When the bread machine peeps, signaling that the kneading is finished, preheat the oven at 50 degrees.
5. Form the dough into one inch balls and roll them into the bread crumbs.
6. Place them on the non stick baking sheet at least one inch apart.
7. Let your dough rise for at least 20-30 mins, still at 50 degrees.
8. Then switch to 200 degrees and bake for 15-17 mins. Until goldern brown.

Around 24 pcs.

Thanks to Joanne T. for the recipe tip!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Welcome to Pinoy Moms Network! :)
I'm collecting recipes from fellow moms. I'd like to copy this one. :) Also, I like the picture in your 'strawberry filled meal' post. Looks really yummy!

raqgold said...

salamat. enjoy the pandesal!!