Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pan de Sal

Yipee! Pan de sal is on the menu for today.

Actually it was an unplanned addition to today's meal.

I just had to bake them. To add up. Coz I just noticed that our supply of food and snacks at home are slowly withering down.

Why you ask? Because it is the first day of the kids' one week school (kindergarten) vacation. Because it just wont stop raining today. Because we are simply too lazy to go grocery shopping after a long weekend. Because we got busy playing and blogging and playing and blogging...

Having the kids for the whole day today is like having a food binge. They cant stop munching on something. Despite having a big breakfast and eating pasta for lunch, the in-betweens were just a lot. Cookies, joghurts, nuts, gummi bears, candies, lollipops, chocos - I cant keep up anymore because they just kept finding treasures everywhere. I dont know how they managed to hide them and find them all at once!

The rain. We've been staying inside the house since yesterday because of the rain. The kids wont even change their pajamas. I cant blame them. Outside is wet and cold. From last Sunday's summer weather, it became almost as cold as autumn. Crazy!

We really need to go to the grocery. We ate most of our supplies away over the long weekend. Oh, we have enough on the freezer. And the fresh veggies in the garden. But I am comfortable with visiting stores to fill up. Especially since I just started with having a menu plan for the week. Plus, Tuesday is always market day for us.

Oh well, playing and blogging are the best options to stay at home. The pan de sal is our bonus!


Christianne said...

Ugh, dito din makulimlim at umaambon since Monday morning. Sana starting June tuloy-tuloy na ang summer weather.

Thanks for posting the pan de sal recipe, I copied it kaya wala kaming bread machine hehe. Maybe someday :)

raqgold said...

christianne -- if you dont have bread machine, you must knead it with your hands, using a big bowl. let me know kung anong result :-)