Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Philippines

Photos: 1 - Buong Baranggay at La Union Beach 2 - Swimming Pool at Astoria Plaza

We plan to go back home next year for a five-week visit. We are not so sure of the date yet. Maybe early next year.

Since knowing this (around Feb this year), I've been busy browsing the web. Checking out hotels within Manila. Clicking resort websites. Tracking good restaurants and kid-friendly adventure parks. Even taking notes on house and lots for sale! Para namang...

I also renewed contacts with friends and acquiantances esp. in the hotel business. I wouldnt mind getting discounts, sempre.

Maybe we would stay again at the Astoria Plaza in Mandaluyong. We are hoping to get the same price or better a discount. (Hilig talaga sa discount ano? Sempre, money saved would mean more shopping!) The staff are friendly not only because I used to work with some of the people there. It helps to get something moving faster, though!

You can walk to the malls around Ortigas and Mandaluyong or you can use their free shuttle service. The rooms are clean and well maintained. And the services within and around the area are simply the best.

What I am busy with is looking for a beach resort. Located near Manila. Around Batangas, Cavite, Bataan or Zambales. We want one with a pool and a wadding pool for the kids. Preferably located in front of a nice private beach. With good food, excellent service and kid-friendly. Of course, the price should be reasonable, too. Meaning, reasonably cheap :-) O sige na nga, basta reasonable.

The last time, we chose La Union. We stayed in Bali Resort. White beach (but not so white like Boracay), pool and a wadding pool and nightly entertainment pa. Plus, we get to drive to Baguio. I cant find fault on the food, the services, and the rooms (even though they are really old na); but my Isabela was a food for the ants. We even had to call the doctor because she's got angry welts all over her. She got creams and antibiotics. That was the only 'nightmare' in an otherwise wonderful beach vacation.

This time, we are looking for another location. We wanted to explore together the wonders of the Philippine islands. I would have creams and medicines with me, just in case.

Batangas seems to be the winner here with such lists:
Laiya Cocogrove
Solana Diving Resort
Esther's Beach Resort
La Luz Beach Resort -- they dont have a pool though
Punta Fuego
Verde Island
Bonito Island

Cavite offers the old tested Caylabne and Puerto Azul. 'Been there, though.

Zambales have White Rock or Palmera. Would the beach area be fun for the kids?

I wanted, needed first hand reports about the resorts, though. Any suggestions?

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