Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Thoughts

Sunday was Mother's Day. But in our household, the excitement of this day was already felt two weeks before that. First in the kindergarten. As I have two kids there, they were made aware of how special this day is because they had to prepare a surprise for their moms.

Plus, all moms are invited to an advanced celebration of Mother's Day last Friday, too. They know more or less, than having mom in kindergarten would mean a special event.

And then of course, at home. My husband is feeling a bit of pressure on what gifts to buy for me. Actually, I am not demanding, as long as he knows what I want, and mind you, sempre konting parinig :-). Actually, I trust my husband when it comes to gift buying.

Hmm, I also knew when he brought the gifts home. Simply because the kids just cant take a secret, completely. The smallest whispered to me, 'Mami, we've hidden our surprises for you.' And the eldest shouted 'Mama, you are now allowed to come into my room.' Aha! Sempre, excited naman si Mami.

Then came Friday. I was one of the earliest to arrive for the Mother's Day celebration in the kindergarten. Everbody assembled in the small play room. All moms, although I also saw one Dad roving in the corridor. I guess, the mom cant make it so he took time to be there. Which I think is great, too.

When one of the teachers started the program, a little boy protested because as he said 'my mom is not yet here.' I felt for that little boy esp when the teacher said that his mom cannot come today.

And another girl, a playmate of Michaela, also informed me the day before, that her mom cannot make it as she must work. So she's gladly taking another playmate's mom as a substitute. I was hoping this wont be the case. But that day, the mom is really not around.

The four year old Jessica cuddled with a mom, not her own, after the celebration was over. Although that mom isnt really someone she really knows!

During the celebration, the kids prepared some songs and read a poem for us mom. The highlight was the surprise gift - a treasure chest decorated by the kids themselves. All moms are asked to closed their eyes as the kids went for their gifts. Then we all had to open our eyes only when our kids have our gifts in our hands. Can you imagine the kids who's moms were not present? Kanino nila ibibigay yung regalo nila? It was a fun affair, but emotional, too.

Less than 10 moms didnt come. Out of around 80. But I felt like there were more. Those kids needed reassurances that day. Their sadness seeped through the celebration that day. I could have gladly taken all the kids without moms that day to my heart. They looked so lost. They needed their mom for only 30 mins. Those moms were missed. I guess, the moms missed something, too. Or did they miss more?

I wont judge the moms who are not there. They might have really need to work. Or have other legitimate excuses. But... I dont know. I guess, only if they saw and felt for the kids without moms that day, then they would understand. I hope they would try their best to arrange for at least 30 mins of their time. After all, once a year lang naman to.

I dont know, tama ba sentimyento ko?

P.S. I hope all mom's out there had a great time, though! Coz, I did. We did!!

PHOTO: My kids with my Mother's Day loots!

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