Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday in Worms

Photos: 1 - Rainbow Travel 2- Lustige Seefahrt (Amusing Sea Ride) 3- Musik Express 4- Märchenbahn (Fairy Tale Train) 5- Entering the city of Worms

What do we do today? It is Sunday morning. And we have no plans yet.

Papa asked the question. And supplied the answer, too. Off we go to the Wormser Pfingstmarkt (Whit Sunday Market in Worms).

The kids does were not really enthusiastic about it. They were already busy playing with their Barbies. But when they heard that fun rides and sweets are involved, they were ready to go in a jiffy.

It is warm but rain was a forecast for today. Should I bring jackets or no? That was my mom question. Papa said, no need. Although I felt otherwise, still, I didnt bring no jackets. I insisted, though, on huts and managed to fold an extra t-shirt in my bag. I also have the packs of juices and
cookies in my bag. And the extra goodies always ready in the car.

All packed. All dressed up. Off we go. Kids immediately got busy singing in the back seat. Good thing, too. Or else Michaela would already complain of having stomachache. Her way of letting us know that she's got motion sickness.

So, despite their noise, we drove happily. After a 25 mins drive, we reached Worms. Found a parking space. And walked. Or correctly said, we were dragged by our kids into the Market.

We looked around. The kids searched for the kiddie rides. Oggled the sweets. Circled the huge, threatening hunted houses. Followed the crowd. And surged with enthusiasm. And their mom? I compared the clothes of the other people from what we have. And discovered, I should have brought the jackets. Plus the umbrellas.

I dont know what made me convince my husband and the kids to join me in a rollercoaster ride. It was called 'Musik Express'. It is a ride that goes boringly round and round. But it can go so fast that you really need to hold on as if your life depended on it. Despite knowing that, we waited for our turn.

Please note. It is my first roller coaster ride in at least 10 years! Nyaaa! Of course, I screamed only in my mind.

Around we go. I was a bit afraid for the kids. Hoping that they would not bang their heads. But they had fun. I cant barely hold on to my seat. But they both just smiled and cheered on. And when the crazy ride operator asked if we wanted more -- oh yeah, the kids raised their hands and shouted for more. What can I do? I screamed then. For I cant simply jump out and find an umoving seat. So, another long round we go.

The only consolation on that ride? It rained. And it really poured during the whole ride. When we finally staggered out of our seats, it was only drizzling. Thanks a lot for small wonders.

I need to stop now. Let me find my brain first.

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