Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sweets for Free

Another story in Worms.

After finding my brain and my balance (read the last blog), we took off and joined the throng going in and out of the big tents housing some exhibitors. We must go in. Because it started pouring again.

Although my husband had specifically said, we are not going in there. He rightly surmised that he cannot hold on to his money in there, with me!

But hey, the extra t-shirt I packed is not enough to give warmth to the kids. (They had to put it on top of their t-shirts. Every ten minutes, the ownership of that t-shirt changes. That is sharing, double time.) In that guise of 'for the benefit of the kids', we peeked in.

We found interesting things. Number one, a steam powered vacuum that we have always longed for. But it is really too expensive. Even though the man would throw in a steam iron for free. We hold on to our wallets then. Almost gave in though. Maybe, next time.

I saw a range of cheap but branded sunglasses. I urged my husband to buy one. I took one, too. I needed no urging :-)

Then we discovered the freebies. Got bites of very yummy Italian sausages, took slices of great smelly cheeses, picked on juicy crepes, (had to ignore the offered wines though), joined some games and got candies for the spent time, were offered chocolate bars and then, the highlight for the kids -- sweets, sweets, sweets. Of all colors, sizes, manifestations (what is manifestations, nothing, just wanted to add that word) -- they simply stopped in that stall and stared. If only their eyes could eat!

I had to urge them to go and try them. Other kids were simply grabbing and stuffing sweets in their mouths. But my kids just stood still. In shock, maybe? They cant believe it would happen to them, right then and there. Loads of sweets, all at once. I took a piece of gummi bear. They still just looked. Hey girls, where are you?

Finally, the owner of the stall took pity on them and told them to grab their share. Indecision is now written on their faces. This, or this, or this? So I told them, one by one. They started with gummi bears. Then off to the butter cookies. Then to the choco cookies. Then the licorice. Then the gummi worms. Then the pretzels.

Happiness, sugar, and sesame seeds are now pasted on their faces. Papa is waiting. We must go to other stalls.

Found other interesting stalls, but we cannot shake of the taste and smell of that sweets stall, the Italian sausage stand and the cheese tent.

When I decided that I cannot take it anymore, we traced our steps back. Bought a big chunk of cheese. Two bundles of Italian sausages. A package of choco cookies and two lollipops.

Plus, two freshly baked vollkorn and bauern brot (wholemeat and brown bread). Because the smell assaulted our senses, too.

Time to go home. Enough packages in the hands. But wait, I smell doughnuts. Another small detour and we are all happy to go. I am happy to go, with sugar in my mouth!

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