Wednesday, May 23, 2007

TV Watching

Last Monday, the kids slept early. Then, something very unusual happened at home.

My husband and I finally got to watch the tv, finish the show, and most important of all, this time, we understood the story!

Yes, this is really a big tv watching success for us.

What with two toddlers always running around. Asking questions. Playing. Chatting. Singing. Doing whatever it would take to muddle our minds as we struggle to watch just 15 mins of news per day.

It takes concentration. A bit of meditation. A short burst of temper. A pleading word. A promise of a surprise. A bit of sweet bribery. I dont really remember which of them works. Because in the end, the 15 mins is over. You missed the news. Even though the tv is on. And you heard the and saw the headlines flashing.

That is almost a daily ritual at home. Watching and concentrating on the news for 15 mins is already a frustrating event. That is why, watching the whole two hour show last Monday was a big celebration.

We celebrated, indeed. By staying up late, until almost 11 pm, until it ends.

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