Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Cross in the Car

(Photo: Presenting the evidence)

'Mama,' said my eldest daughter a week before, in that car that I just saw, there was a cross hanging in the rear view mirror. 'I think it looks good. Why don't we have something like that in our car, too?'

Ooops. My kid saw through my procrastination. Tagal ko na ring gustong gawin yon e. I have been meaning to put something Holy inside the car for a long time now, I mean something that is out in the open. I have a photo of the Holy Family that my nanay gave me in the car, but it is hidden between the pages of a calculator notebook.

I told her that we also have angel photo guiding our way in the back of the car. But she insisted a cross, which I correctly guessed meant a rosary, would be better. So then, I marched inside the house and grabbed the rosary that my tatay gave me in the late 90s. Sabi nya sa akin, this is to guide me during my second Bangkok quest. Well, it's time to bring it out. To guide us, this time in the roads of Germany, the roads of Europe actually.

When I hang it where she wanted to see it, she was happy, saying 'Now our car looks better.' It does, and it made me feel better, too. Mas safer baga!

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