Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oma and Opa

Photos: 1 - Opa on his treasured motorbike 2 - Opa with the kids 3- Oma with the kids

Introducing, our grandma and grandpa - called oma and opa respectively here in Germany. Both of them are in their mid eighties but they are still full of energy. What they cannot believe is that at this age, they can still play heartily with my two very active kids. They always say that, not me.

What I know for a fact is that, having the kids with them gives them the adrenaline needed to play and be young again.

Our opa even drives up to his veggie/fruit garden in the mountain, which he still lovingly tills, with his motorbike. Can anyone beat that? Through roughed terrains and hills. Oh, I wont even try. Of course, he still has his driver's licence. Both of them actually just came back from a vacation, driving long roads together. I admit, driving the autobahns on short drives makes me already nervous. Takot ako :-) Oh, he's a bit hard on hearing but he doesnt let that slow him down.

Our oma, meanwhile, is a frail but a tough and gentle lady. She's plagued with forgetfulness but she's taking it in a relaxed way. She's a wizzard in the kitchen. She's got the best recipe for a simple tomato sauce with pasta topped with fried bread crumbs, yum! We tried, but cannot duplicate it. As you can see, she's still as pretty as she was when she met our opa. She's got a sweet tooth that's why she's a winner with the kids. And for me? Let me just tell you what happened while cooking together for lunch today. She paused while stirring the sauce and took a quick glance around. When she saw that all is free, meaning, the opa is not around, she gave me a piece of ham in the hand. And giggling, took another piece for her. With big smile on our faces, we both savored our pre-lunch treat together. Isnt it sweet?

I really wish we would grow old gently as these two.

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