Thursday, May 31, 2007

Get Caught Reading

This is dedicated to ani h.

As said in her blog 'in helping the national book development board in their GET CAUGHT READING campaign. This was based on the american association of publishers' literacy campaign in the states. And now they are doing an active campaign in the Philippines, too.

I support this campaign. Let's support it!

I love reading. I am alive when I touch a book or a magazine or a pamphlet or even a calling card, the instruction booklets, the choco wrapper, etc. I just needed to linger on the words. Read, read, read. Aside from my bag being loaded with mom necessities, there is always a space for a mag or a book in it.

I am glad that my kids are into books, too.

So, here they are, getting caught.


Anonymous said...

hey you, adorable photos! and dedicated to me pa ang entry! salamat and i do hope you guys continue to do (even if a little) campaigning for books and reading. btw, can i "borrow" the images to show around? hehehe...

raqgold said...

hey, ani, of course. be my guest!