Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cherries and Raspberries

Photo: Raspberries and Cherries!

'Was out with the kids the whole day yesterday. We took advantage of the sunshine after being closeted at home for two days due to continuous rain.

When we came back, around 8 pm, a few surprises were peeking at us in our backyard green house.

A bowl of cherry and a smaller bowl of raspberry. Meanwhile, the strawberries in the garden were waiting to be picked, too.

It turned out that the opa (grandpa) came over to bring his first harvest of cherries and raspberries.

Despite being so tired, the kids got to clap their hands in delight in seeing the fruits. Oh, they do love cherries. But like me, they are not an enthusiastic raspberry eaters.

What caused the happiness is this: climbing the cherry trees! Unlike strawberries who thrive on the ground, it is always an adventure to harvest cherries.

It brings me always back to lovely childhood memories. Of climbing guava, mango and starapple trees. Not to forget the bruises and scratches as testimonies!

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