Thursday, May 31, 2007

In Darmstadt

Photos: 1- That's me at the Mongolian Grill 2 - In Thalia 3- Mcdo 4- Inside the old train.

Escaping the confines of home, we took off to Darmstadt yesterday. We always call this outing as a visit to papa's office. This is where he works, yes. But we don't really go to my husband's office. We simply spend time wandering about town.

We took the Deutsche Bahn (the train). This is usually the highlight for the kids. Commuting. But we were not lucky this time. As we caught the much hated old train. I hated it because the door is not so easy to open. The kids hated it because it is so noisy, and it smells moldy.

Ayan na nga. The train stopped. I tried to open the door. Pulled once, pulled twice, pulled thrice. Nothing. Uh-oh! Must we wait here another hour just because I didnt manage to open the door? A good samaritan to the rescue. He pulled open the door from inside.

I could kiss him. But I didnt because we needed to find seats. The train was already moving.

What I usually do, before the train comes, is ask fellow passengers to help us open the door. But this time, we were the only boarding passengers. Anyway, we were on our way.

We followed the usual routine. Reaching our stop, we got freshly baked pretzels in the bahnhof (train station). The kids got to munch on them while riding a bus to the city. The rest of the pretzels they shared to the birds.

Since it is already noon time, papa got to meet with us. The kids are supposed to get Barbie accesories today as a reward (the reason would be discussed in another blog). Off to Galeria Kaufhof's toy area. Michaela took off with a Barbie Vespa and Isabela with a Barbie pool. Then he got to bring them back to the office so I dont have to drag them all over.

My turn to shop. Simply because I saw some items on sale. This visit to the city is one of the few times that I got to shop with live persons. I am hooked with online shopping!

Another highlight -- lunch at Mcdo! My husband loathes fastfood. So this is just a thing for me and the kids. Yummy!

Playtime. And down time for mom. We know where to go. To Thalia Bookstore cum cafe cum playground. The kids got busy playing, listening to the music, reading books, etc. I found a new book from Mary Higgins Clark from the English section and settled down to read.

That took most our time. I got to finish the book in more than two hours. Am satisfied! The kids enjoyed themselves, too.

Of course, toilet stop! Thalia is a new store so the toilets there are clean. Need I say more?

We capped off the day with a Mongolian Grill buffet dinner. Another good day ends!


Christianne said...

Ang saya naman ng araw ninyo. The girls look like they're enjoying themselves on the train even if it's noisy and moldy, hehe.

On doors not opening - at least you were outside the train... at the central station here there's an elevator that I hate taking because the door always seems to be stuck! Last time that happened iyak nang iyak ang anak ko kasi ang tagal namin sa loob, pabalik-balik between the upper and ground levels, ayaw pa rin bumukas ng pinto. Haunted yata ang elevator!

raqgold said...

naku, saan yan? list of places to avoid, hehe!!