Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Our Traditional Christmas Baking

Our traditional Christmas baking started the week before the first Sunday of Advent.

As tradition goes, my husband and the girls got busy while my chore started after their done. Yes, I am the Christmas baking cleaner :-)

The girls decorating the Kulleraugen (Saucer Eyes Cookies).
This cookie is a favorite in our family.
Nice and easy, IC.

Having fun!

Yes, and going great, too!

This time, it's Spritzgebackenes (Shortbread Cookies).

They always have fun making this because of the machine.

Yep, Rikki is busy cleaning the work area, too.

Okay, they are comfortable using the machine now but they still can't help making themselves crazy with the tempo...

See how the girls work?

Kulleraugen, done!

Something new :-)

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