Saturday, February 28, 2015

Visiting Kaltebronn, Black Forest 2015

Kaltebronn, Schwarzwald on a sunny, winter day

Ski lift, Kaltebronn

Not big, not small but enough space to have fun and even to grab a bite 
Looking for an adventure around the ski lift area

On a hill opposite the ski lift

At times like this, I really wish I could ski :-), but when I think about the possibility
of breaking bones, I'm afraid (or too lazy to move those bones).

The information table

Yup, a wild animal park a few minutes walk from the ski lift

Curious red deers

Info table about the red deers on the park 
Adventure trail for kids consisting of an obstacle course

The first obstacle course

The kids following the trails but they cannot work on the obtacle course because of the snowy path

Yup, you have to follow that sign on the tree

Rikki, the golden retriever, was a bit frustrated because she's not allowed to run around

Look up!

Go, girls, go

On the way back to the ski lift

A great, sunny day but of course, IC complaint because she's tired
and cannot walk anymore, the same procedure everytime we go for a hike :-) 

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