Sunday, June 7, 2015

Black Forest Summer High

We've got a short break before the school starts, and here we are enjoying the sun and the water in our Black Forest camping ground.

Our dog and the girls decided to explore the river beside our pitch as soon as we arrived...

As soon as we arrived, Rikki jumped into the river to cool-off.

Yup, the silence and the coolness of the water, it's that inviting!

And then the girls joined in...

.. wearing rubber boots!!!

As if those boots would keep them from getting wet :-)

Yup, submerged!

Never mind, the water, let's go!

The girls and the dog enjoyed the long walk and the splashing in the water until somebody chased them out of the water because 'the dog is getting tired.' Oh well, there are just some people who are just like that... kill-joys :-)

Before leaving, the girls decided to really get into it. But still not loosing those rubber boots :-)
 And where was I while the girls and dog were busy? Here...

With my kindle and a grape fruit beer, relaxing

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