Friday, July 24, 2015

Living Room Choices

It's time for a new living room set.

We ended up with two choices, after looking seriously between five and six for hours. Yep, we need to decide as soon as possible because delivery dates vary from one week to six weeks, gasp!

Not to mention, one shop is offering free delivery so why not take advantage, right?

Okay, here's what's we are looking into now:

This in dark gray.

Yes, this in black.
Our consideration in these choices would be:

- Easy to clean (and maybe wash when necessary)
- Not easy to see dirt (something to hide, huh?)
- Stable and comfortable (why not?)
- Dog-friendly, of course :-D

I'll let you know our decision later this week.

P.S. I also received a handmade living room set from the 1950s as a gift, I will combine those with what we ended up with. Soon, photos will come up!

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