Monday, August 10, 2015

Our 14th Wedding Anniversary at Ratsstube in Sinsheim

So, as usual, it's only my husband who remembered that our wedding anniversary is fast approaching, Meaning, he told us over dinner the night before :-D To the great disappointment of the girls, who always planned a surprise and wanted to shower us with gifts during this special day.

But because of too much happening around us, aside from moving into a new home and the still new experience of owning a coffeeshop and bakeshop, the girls forgave us for not giving them enough time to prepare something. They were happy to know that their Papa already know where to go for the special day.

And after a long walk in which they complained a lot (and I was grateful that I decided to change my high-heels into flats); we discovered the Ratsstube. We hesitated to enter the premises first because there was a sign that says no dogs allowed inside (arrgh!).

But because Rikki is a good girl (and maybe there's no other dogs around); they gave us a place in the spacious garden area.

And here's our dinner in photos:

Ratsstube Hotel, Restaurant and Butchery


Our Aperitif: Hugo and Non-alcoholic Hugo for the girls

My Starter: Scallops with Mango

Husband's Choice which he shared with the girls: Chanterelle Soup

Yummy Salad as side dish

My main dish: Chanterelle Tagliatelle

IC's main dish: Pork Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce

MC's main dish: Wiener Schnitzel with French Fries

My husband's main dish: Pork Chop with Potatoes

I so love IC's choice that we decided to trade :-)

Dessert to share: Applek├╝chle
 We love our restaurant choice! We promise to be back.

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