Saturday, September 2, 2006

Bedtime Questions

Sometimes I look forward for the silence that the night would bring. Then again, sometimes, I don't. Especially when the questions from the kids came pouring down. I find them so amazing and a bit overwhelming. Even though I am just eavesdropping. A simple one thrown by Isabela (2) to her Papa:

Isabela - "Papa, do the stars go down?" A pity that I didn't get to hear Papa's answer. I am sure it would have been interesting, hmm. I gotta ask him.

And then from nowhere, came a downpour of questions for Papa from Michaela (4):

Michaela: Why does Jesus bleeds?

Papa: It is a long story, you'll learn about it later in life.

Michaela: Why is it a long story?

Papa: It is a long story because it involves a lot of people and the whole world, too.

Michaela: Is He true?

Papa: Yes.

Michaela: Where is He buried?

Papa: Far away.

Michaela: Can we go to His burial site?

Papa: Yes, when you are older, you can go there.

Michaela: Is He not in the cemetery?

Papa: No.

Michaela: Papa, do you know why I want to go to see Him? Because I would like to give him a heart with my name of it so that He would know me.

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