Saturday, April 7, 2007

Magic Wish

Last Thursday, nabulabog ang masayang kwentuhan naming mga nanay at mga kiddies sa kalye nang may tumigil na police cars. Yes, police cars! Akala ko may itatanong lang, ayun na nga, may tinanong nga.

At may kasamang picture pa. They were looking for a little boy, 5 1/2 years old. When they stopped to ask us, it was around 5 pm. And the little boy's been lost since 13:45 -- As I was with another mom, our reaction was a hope that the little boy just cant find his way home or that he just got busy playing and he forgot the time.

Hoping, hoping, hoping. Na sana walang masamang nangyari. Kasi ayaw din naming isipin -- especially at this time, feeling summer na dito. Most kids would all be out -- riding their bikes, rolling with their in line skates, bumping with their rollers, jumping with their skateboards all over town. Or even just staying in the garden or spending time sa playground. We dont want to think that there would also be danger lurking around. Nope, we wouldnt want to think about the possibility at all.

Anyway, our kids got curious and asked about it. So we had to explain. They also added their theories - baka nga daw the little boy simply cant find home. Maybe he is with a friend or he fell asleep somewhere. And of course, when it is dark, he would be afraid. Then he would be hungry, and thirsty. We just have to nod our heads because they are simply stating facts.

And then Michaela said, 'Mama, I wish I could really do magic then it would be easier to find the little boy. Then he would not be afraid anymore.'

And I told her, 'Oh , how I wish that, too. But caring and praying for him would also be magic.'

'Ok mami, then let's pray for him before going to bed.'

P.S. One week after, we still have no idea about what happened to the little boy.

P.S. After more than two weeks, I finally cornered a mom who told me that the boy being missing was not even mentioned in the kindergarten. Just because those things are not good 'talks', huh!! But am glad to know he is back home.

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