Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fiesta Filipina

I have been living in Germany for almost nine years now but this is the first time that I attended a Philippine cultural festival.

A Filipina mommy blogger told me about it. She perked up my interestwhen she told me she wanted to buy food items and other things that she could stock at home. Meaning? Yes, there are those speeches and programs that my kids would find too long but there are more! There are stalls selling the homemade Philippine food, delicacies, balikbayan box services and native items such as the walis (broom).
We went a bit earlier, well, I wanted to have my lunch there. Upon reaching the area, I could already smell the flavor of the Philippines. It made me think of nanay's (mother) cooking. My kids already know what they wanted to eat, the Philippine barbecue with rice. It took me a long while to decide. Such that I almost ended up tasting almost everything. It was all worth it though.

And what's more, they are also available for take home -- packed for the freezer and ready to be enjoyed at home when one misses home's flavor. I also bought some freshly made siopao (dumpling) which I served for breakfast the next day. My husband wanted to buy mangoes, too, but when we realized that they are not from the Philippines, he skipped. He wanted only the Philippine mangoes.
And of course, there you get to meet friends and be introduced to interesting people!

I love it that the kids were exposed to this festival. They love hopping from one stall to another and tasting the goodies. But I have to tell you this, gummi bears won over the delicacies :D


julie said...

Looks fun! it is nice to expose the children to their cultural heritage talaga :)

Vlado&Toni said...

sayang i have forgotten all about this.. missed it :( next time na lang..