Monday, June 15, 2009

I dont want to play with your sister

I asked IC if she wanted to go with me to fetch her sister.

Reaching MC's playmate's house, I told IC if she wanted to, she can watch her sister and her friend playing. She eagerly said yes.

After awhile she came cuddling to me. Saying she only wanted to stay with me. And then when I asked her if she wanted to play she could go down again, she said I needed to go with her. Not knowing the reason...

It seems that the playmate of her sister doesnt want to play anymore as she doesnt want IC to play with them. How did I learn about it?

Because MC came and told us saying, 'we cannot play anymore because IC should not be here.' I had to hold IC in my arms when I heard about it. She seems cool about it. But I dont know what she really feels inside. So I simply said that IC only wanted to watch them play.

So before she would get really offended, we said goodbye. But not before IC hearing the girl complaining to her father that she doesnt want to play with IC.

I hurriedly brought the girls out, watching IC walking with bouncing steps. Both were giggling and playing all the way home. But I still wonder what IC feels.

I spoke to IC about what happened that night. I told her sometimes big girls dont really like to play with smaller girls anymore. They think that because you are smaller, you cannot play the way they do. That you would not understand what they are doing. But of course, you now better, right? 'Oh but that is our secret,' she added. And she gave me a hug.

I promised her I would make a playtime date with her chosen playmate next week. And she responded with enthusiasm.

We cannot always protect our kids from being hurt but at least we could explain and make them feel better.

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chrissred said...

Thanks for sharing how you and IC were able to cope because I learned now how I would react when it happens to my children too. Indeed it is our duty as parents to teach them how to handle this kind of situation with wisdom because at the end of the day, our children will benefit from the experience and carry on this attitude when they grow up. Thanks for your thoughts, I learned something today. Happy blogging!