Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I lost 5 kilos in one week...

Unfortunately, it was a painful way to shed.

I was hospitalized for acute appendicitis, and the doctors decided to open me up when they discovered some growth in my stomach.

Had that drainage tube for five days hanging on my side. Can't move without any pain. Can't drink without any pain. Can't eat without any pain. Can't laugh without any pain.

Whew, I stayed tough.

Didn't ask for any pain killers. Didn't ask for any sleep tablets (except when a new bedmate started snoring so loud that hearing her brought more pain!)

I looked forward to my family's visits, their calls. Appreciated the calls and text messages from some friends. Endured the pain.

My first time to be hospitalized, except during the birth of my girls. As I told my husband, that time, the pain was forgotten because, well, you have the girls.

Anyway, am not complaining. The hospital employees were friendly. The room is comfortable. My bedmates were okay.

After two nights of having bedmates, I finally got my single room. Time to experiment on the moves, what's painful, what's not. I finally got to hog the bathroom. I could watch television til late, read books til late. Wellness time :-)

But the food, oh the food. They call it basic menu and I call it diet.

Therefore, I lost five kilos. Therefore, I gained a mark of life along my stomach. But I am alive and well, you see!

I am happy to be back home after a week. And no, I refuse to see the chaos awaiting me. I will enjoy having my family around me. And will try to keep the kilos away :-)

Although I would binge on hamburger and fries as soon as I could, too!

2 comments: said...

get well soon raquel, just relax at home, avoid stress and binat, God bless

Julie said...

Get well soon Keng. Ingat. Praying for your swift recovery. Happy Easter!