Thursday, January 1, 2015

Our New Year's Eve 2014

New Year's Eve and the girls have a plan. The same procedure as last year, you know.

Dinner prep, some kiddie fireworks, watching TV and board games (don't forget to watch Dinner for One!!!), raclette dinner, some table fireworks, TV, some more fireworks outside and then the real fireworks.

Of course, we kept the same traditions as usual: wearing clothes with rounded prints, rounded-shaped fruits, marzipan and chocolate made lucky charms, sekt and kiddie wine, mini table horns, fireworks, and a Bleigie├čen set (lead kit).

Fruits and Raclette on the table

Some table trimmings

Chocolate made lucky charms
MC is a fan of marzipan lucky charms

And IC loves chocolates...

Lead kit to tell what the future brings :-D
We had fun and stayed late until 3 a.m. As usual, Rikki loved staying up late with us but hated that she had to stay inside during the fireworks. Did I tell you yet that she's not afraid of those loud bangs? But to be safe, we always keep her inside during New Year's Eve; though she get to walk around with my husband a few hours before midnight.

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