Saturday, January 24, 2015

Winter Camping and Flea/Crafts Market in Bad Wildbad

And my late posts continue....

This is still a part of our Christmas camping break in Camping Kleinenzhof, Schwarzwald. Only this day, there's more snow and there's a Flea and Crafts Market in the camping grounds organized by the long staying campers.

Yes, that's what I like in this camping ground, the long staying campers always organize fun activities, remember the Halloween party?

This time, it's supposed to be a combined flea and crafts market, with some food and drinks and yes, fun, too!

Our pitch, taken during the early morning walk with the dog

Still snowing...

Winter wonderland

The pathway's already busy with dog walkers :-D

The area near the hotel and restaurant

Look who loves the snow!

Snow balls are fun, too!

Nope, not too cold for MC.

A short drive before visiting the flea and crafts market
Look at that, the market's heater :-D

Inside the sitting area is warm, too! Don't forget the mulled wine!

And a favorite among the guests, tarte flambee (Flammkuchen)!
Sorry, didn't get the chance to take photos of the beautiful handcrafted candles, cute mittens and huts, handmade accessories and jewelries, even the camping ground's famous Obstler (fruit schnaps) because we were focused on getting our share of the tarte flambee. There's the usual french fries and wurst, beer and juices, too!

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