Friday, October 16, 2009


There were repairmen in the house this hot afternoon.

After their work, we offered them a pitcher of iced tea and some biscuits.

When MC chanced upon them snacking, she saw that it was the pack of biscuit that their Papa bought for them as a surprise gift when he left town a week before.

'Mama, how could you give that biscuit to those men? Papa told me the biscuits are for kids only,' she pointed out. Good thing she spoke in German because she told me off right in front of the repairmen!

I told her I am sorry that I didnt know the biscuits were reserved for the kids. I told her I am sure they would not eat all those biscuits. I told her the men needed something to eat because they worked so hard.

And I explained to her that next time, if she wanted to say something like that, she could ask me to go to a private place with her. It is not good when other people would hear that they are not supposed to eat something that was already served to them.

She nodded. She went out and came back with a handful of the biscuits that she munched on. And she hurried to the kitchen, coming out with a bunch of bananas in her hand saying, 'I didnt get all the biscuits. But I am bringing bananas to the men so that they would have enough to eat.'

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