Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lynn, 17 years old

Remember our trip to rescue girls from hell?

I met Lynn there.

She was sitting in one corner.
Tears flowing. Watching everything.
Hugging her newly-born child.

I noticed things.
Scars on her arms.
I hoped that those scars would only be on her arms.
She wont look me in the eyes.
She wont answer my questions directly.

She's got a chance.

How old are you? 18 years old, she said.

Are you really 18? She closed her eyes.

'Do you want to go home?' She stared.

Where do you live? She said Naga, Bicol.

How long have you been here? One year.

Do you want to go home? She cried and shook her head.

I wanted to bring her with us. Give her a chance; with her newborn child.

Lynn wont move. She is paralyzed with fear.

There were too many people around. Then a new face surfaced, a man came.

We must go. We left Lynn; and her newborn child.

I wanted to apologize to Lynn, to her newborn child; and to the other girls. But we could only do so much.

Through the other girls we rescued, we learned that Lynn is only 17 years old. That means she's been there when she's 16 years old. That Lynn's child is covered with bruises and burns because they use normal rubbing alcohol to clean him. That Lynn's child doesnt get formulas but only boiled rice.

But there's good news. A few days after our trip to hell, they let Lynn and her newborn child go. But what about the other girls? This is not the end of it. I promise.

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