Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What the flood taught us

The girls tend to go back to the day of the big flood that damaged our house.

Sometimes they reminisce with tearful excitement; sometimes they reminisce with sadness; sometimes they reminisce with teasing laughters. When they usually start doing those reminiscing, I am always there to listen to them.

Everytime they pluck out their memories, I always ask them what the flood taught them; here are their list:

1. The floodwater is dirty; they should wash properly if they wadded in floodwater esp. as they saw different things floating around.

2. The rainwater is good, but too much rainwater is dangerous; especially to those living near body of water. Our former house is beside a creek.

3. When the floodwater receeds, the water and the mud left would be slippery.

4. Water leaves marks all over. Their swing and their toys were already washed but we could see the blemishes.

5. All things that were under water should be washed and soaped or else they would smell bad.

6. We should not cry over damaged things, they are only things and they could be replaced.

7. What should go to the garbage should go to the garbage. No compromise.

8. Big and heavy things do float and flips over. Just like our ref. (see photo above)

9. It was not good that mama was not there when it was happening; the most important thing is that we are together as a family.


Vlado&Toni said...

your children are always very wise.. i think they really learned a lot from the experience, i'm just glad you are all okay now and nothing happened to them. yup, things are just things..

Che said...

Hi raquel,

naisip ko lang,paano kaya yung mga bahay na lubog pa sa tubig,meaning no toilet, saan kaya ang mga ito nakiki--alam mo na. Do their business.

Have a great sunday to you & your family!

btw,na bz ako sa ka basa ng archives mo dahil sa aking blog vaca galore na ginawa,been catching up reading your previous post. Saw my friend's pic doon sa Fil-De Fest with Lilay.sya yung namimili ng food! aliw what a small world abaw! hehe