Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cinderella and Snow White

My very own Cinderella and Snow White.

What happens when a wild typhoon greets the morning of Halloween?

Well, the kids would wake up early, as usual.

But... they would start to feel the excitement of Halloween as they watch the trees bend to almost breaking point. As they hear the howling of the wind. As they see parts of rooftops flying. As they identify debris floating around.

Thus, they were all geared up and ready to face the monsters and ghosts by the time we had breakfast!

We had to miss on a hotel halloween treat because we dont want to risk travelling on a stormy day.

Good thing I remembered a friend living in one of the villages near our place who I know practices Halloween 'trick or treat'. Although it was a little wet, the girls marched with their gowns and gamely collected their treats.

What made this stormy Halloween more fun?
- The typhoon's morning wake up call prepared them for that 'scary' feeling
- The anticipation on what would happen that day because they were told if the rainfall would be too much, we would instead create 'trick or treat' stations inside our house
- They were very proud to announce the fact that they know 'in the Philippines, one should say 'trick or treat' and not 'suesses oder saures' (sweet or sour) like in Germany
- They met new friends
- They experienced Halloween without freezing (it is cold in Germany at this time):D
- They shared their sweets to friends who were not able to go around for treats

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