Thursday, November 19, 2009

When we have a lot of money...

One early morning on our way to school, MC shared her thoughts...

'Mama, when we have a lot of money, please buy me a lot of black clothes.'

She added, 'Plus, dont forget to buy me a BLACK knee high boots, too.'

When I simply nodded and smiled at her, she emphasized, 'I want to be a superstar when I grow up that is why I needed those kind of things.'

To which I replied, 'Why dont you try to be a superstar now so you could buy those clothes and much more if you earned money?'

MC cleverly answered,'Well, I wanted go to school first.'

That's my girl :)


Ruby and Robinn said...

glad to hear that she loves school.

just blog hopping...

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

when i have a lot of money,
i will visit pinas, too.

hallo raquel, kumusta na,
tagal ko ng hindi na ka visit,

i am happy to see the kids kasama sa mga cmates nla dyan.
ang saya nila-nyo dyan.

sigi, i am happy, i am here again.

sorry for not visiting here, nabusy sa last days lang.

hugs to the kids


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

raquel, ay oo nga paki-visit sa blog ko at ipakita mo kina MC n KC si ate kim nila.

fastnacht is starting again here.....sayaw na si kim naman,

pls let the kids see kim with her new kostüm, at meron cyang pokal kuha nya last sat., 2nd platz lang cya.

at meron din syang orden.....

i miss you all...........