Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wishing Stars

I marked the calendar when I read in the newspaper about meteorites shower and told the girls about it.

I told them in the Philippines, when you see those falling stars including those meteorites showers, you are supposed to start making a wish and it would come true.

But first, their papa had to explain what a meteorite is (it is a natural thing that comes from outer space and when it reaches the earth it becomes a fireball that are usually called shooting stars); and we told them they should prepare if they want to see it.

We told the kids the meteorite shower is to happen one very late night until very early the next day. They chose to be up earlier than stay up late. They are very excited to make a wish. They wanted to list down their wishes but I encouraged them to sleep on it and choose the 'bestest' wishes.

The day came. The kids slept earlier. I stayed up late and watched the shower of meteorites by myself and of course, whispered a few precious wishes. Very early next morning, MC refused to budge but IC was all agog.

I carried my sleepy bundle near the window. I closely observed IC as she looked outside, closed her eyes and mumbled out her wishes. Afterwhich she gave me a big hug and I heard a satisfied sigh.

That was when I noticed that the cloud is already parting to make way for the sunrise. That it was already too bright to see the falling stars.

But that didnt bother IC, she mainly believed that when she looked outside, the falling stars would wait for her and her wishes. That's faith for you :)

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