Monday, November 2, 2009

Picnic Time at the Cemetery

There is something that makes the Philippines very, very unusual during the first of November. We celebrate the All Saint's Day like a fiesta!

tables are set-up, food are served

the kids enjoyed the picnic

November 1 spells: homecomings, reunions, food, drinks, fun and games, music and of course, candles, prayers and flowers, too.

I couldnt resist bringing the girls for their first taste of this kind of 'fiesta'. At first, they were both hesitant. But when I told them we would be taking the tricycle (a three-wheeled vehicle) instead of using the car; they agreed with urgency. Well, with IC, she asked me if there would be cakes served and I told her 'yes, of course.'

Because I havent visited my grandfather's tomb for more than 10 years; it took us sometime to locate it. In fact, I had to ask people the location of a famous person's mausoleum, because I know that ours would be almost facing it. With the kindness of a stranger, we found our lot.

The oldies were praying; the young ones were either eating, sleeping, playing with their own electronic gadgets or simply doing their best not to get bored.

The kids were all eyes. Of course, the first one who saw us led us straight to the food section. MC immediately chose what she wanted (she finished two full plates); but IC refused to budge. She's on the verge of a tantrum before I realized she didnt find the promised 'cakes' on the table; well, they had cakes but the traditonal kind that she isnt familiar with. Good thing an ice cream vendor walked by. That and choosing what ice cream to eat distracted her.

Well, we were fed. We got updates with family news. We got entertained with games and even a few magic tricks.

The kids were filled with the sounds, colors and smells of November 1 that IC commented with pride during dinner time, 'Papa, you should have attended the fun party at the cemetery today.'

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Vlado&Toni said...

:O) fun party at the cemetery indeed! i've been to one before where they even had a ferris wheel lol .. that would have probably thrilled the girls some more..