Monday, August 23, 2010

But they look normal!

The girls dont usually stay around when it is my turn to watch the news on television; but a few nights ago, they did.

There they saw the uniformed policemen chasing the supposedly bad guys; whom they cornered, handcuffed and presented to the television crews.

And the bad guys were wearing t-shirts and jeans, sweating and asking for forgiveness.

IC asked me, 'Who are those in t-shirts and jeans?'

I told her that those are the bad guys. 'But they look normal to me.'

MC, who's been listening, repeated,  'They are normal people. Dont bad guys always wear black?'

I smiled and told her those bad guys in black are mostly actors acting as bad guys; and mostly found not in real life.

So I gathered my girls around me and told them that sometimes, you wont know if a person is good or bad just by looking at them. Nor would you know that they would do harm if they are wearing black clothes.

The best thing to do is this. Just be careful and be aware of your sorroundings.

When something or someone or a place makes you uncomfortable, let us know. Talk about it. Always talk about it.

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