Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get well soon, Opa!

Dear Opa (Grandpa),

We heard you would be admitted in the hospital.

We heard you would be operated on.

We heard you wanted something from the girls.

The girls heard you wanted something from them.

They asked for papers and pens; tubes of paste, whatever they could grab to create something to make you feel better.

They agreed to create 'story books' of what has happened and what is happening to them here. A country 8,000 miles away from you.

They fought for colors, demanded more items, and concentrated on their monumental task on hand -- to make Opa feel better.

After a few minutes -- they had enough -- although their story books are not yet done. But being reminded that those books would be sent through snail post; they went back and were able to finish their crafts in an hour.

The wrote notes and sealed the envelop with happy thoughts and a happy sigh, 'We are glad Opa would feel much, much better now,' they both agreed.

Opa, you were admitted in the hospital; operated on and was declared in good condition. The next day, you received the girls' 'feel much, much better' envelope full of stories.

Indeed, that envelope did its job -- filled with love to make you feel much, much better.

And yes, you asked for new photos of the girls. Those photos would be there in a few days -- marked with much, much love.

We love you, Opa!

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