Sunday, August 15, 2010

There's a snake in our garden!

Dont we just get stranger visitors these past weeks?
First those burglars, then the snake!

Early morning, our househelp was tending the garden. A thing she normally get busy without any major problems; though we always tell her to be careful in those wires around the mango tree.

This particular morning, she came to me a little excited and a bit off color, 'Ma'am, you know what, I saw a baby snake under the big pot in the garden!'

Yiiiii, I got scared in that second, too and immediately asked her what she did to the snake!

She was trying to use a stone to bash the snake, but it turned out that the snake was not affected at all. Good thing another guy came to help her. They were able to place the snake inside a bottle, alive!

So, my dilemma then was; should I tell the girls or not? I wouldnt want them to refrain from stepping out in our garden just because of that snake! I told my husband and both of use decided, it is good for the girls to know so that they would be more careful.

Both girls gingerly walked to where the bottle with the snake is located; examined it with disgust and left. But not before listening to our lecture:

- If they are looking for things around the garden especially in the bushes; they better make loud noises to scare those snakes away
- Use sticks and tap them on the ground and use it to clear those bushes if searching for something
- Better make giant steps that would create noise when playing around the garden
- Avoid overgrown bushes and tall grasses
- Do not lift any big stones or big pots that has long been left untouched
- Do not hop on logs and big stones in unfamiliar sorroundings
- Wear pants and shoes when playing on a field
- And on encountering a snake, get out of the way, fast!

When I was a teen-ager, (that was a long, long time ago) we encountered a snake while looking for a place to picnic. Actually, it was a cobra and was ready to strike. Good thing everybody moved out of the way fast! Even the older ones were able to jump a fence withour breaking anything; when a few minutes before that they were already complaining they cannot walk anymore :D

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