Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Loose Tooth and Not A Lie

IC wants to let her grandfather know that she's got a loose tooth.

This is her first loose tooth which she actually tried to keep a secret for a whole week because her older sister just had a visit with the dentist where teeth extraction was done. IC was afraid she would need to go to the dentist to have her loose tooth extracted :D
But when the excitement was too much, she proudly announced it to us during breakfast. And she wanted the whole world to know -- showing off her loose tooth to everyone who cares (and those who doesnt care included).

Therefore, a must is a call to her grandfather in Germany.
And it goes: 'Opa, I've got a loose tooth,' she said.

Opa, who already uses a hearing aid; took sometime before realizing that it was IC who was calling. By the time he understood what was being shared, IC had passed the phone to her big sister, MC. And I have already turned on the phone's speaker.

Opa asked MC when we would come to visit him in Germany. MC replied, maybe this Christmas. Which Opa understood to be 'this Sunday.'

'Are you coming this Sunday?' he said. MC doesnt know what to say and just repeated 'Maybe this Christmas.' Which the Opa didnt understand as he kept on repeating, 'This Sunday.'

Before MC could explain again, the line got disconnected.

Actually, MC was in a dilemma; which she admitted to her little sister. She doesnt want to disagree on what Opa perceived her heard, as she doesnt want him to be sad.

But IC's voiced out opinion seemed to have decided everything when IC said, 'It is a good thing you didnt say yes, or else, that would be a lie.'

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