Tuesday, September 7, 2010

With you, with papa, with my sister

It is the 'ber' month in the Philippines.

September signals the start of the Christmas season preparations. Actually, there were already early Christmas season sale in some of the bigger warehouse stores last August!

MC was telling some friends that she is looking forward to spending the Christmas season in Germany. I told IC about it and asked her, 'Mein Schatz, do you want to spend Christmas with the Opa in Germany or with your grandparents here in the Philippines?

She responded with urgency, 'Mama, I would like to spend Christmas with you, with papa and with my sister! Where we go doesnt matter at all as long as we are together.'

IC was thinking she would be spending the Christmas alone with either Opa or with her maternal grandparents! I hugged her and assured her that we would be spending Christmas together, as always.

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