Monday, October 18, 2010

Checklist 1

IC's tscheklist

- schauer (shower)
- essen (breakfast)
- salegeh (go to school)
- essen + hausaufgaben (lunch + homework)
- bause (break)

MC's tschecklist

- sauer (shower)
- essen (breakfast)
- schulegehen (go to school)
- essen + hausaufgaben (lunch and homework)
aufroimen + trinkbause (tidy up and drink break)
- bause (break)
- spielen + trinkbause (playtime + drink break)

I saw this checklist in MC's room last September. It seems that the girls have their days scheduled and are doing a regular checking on their lists, too. Yes, they really tick off every items after doing them :D

IC copies from her big sister; and I love that they have inserted TRINKBAUSE (drink breaks) in between because that is important especially during warm days.

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