Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Found the Right Address

So IC's got a loose tooth.

After a week, she was holding the tooth between her fingers, amazed that it came of easily. She ran immediately to the mirror, and was shocked that there's a little blood there. Ugh!

Despite some fear and much excitement, she didnt forget that the tooth fairy would be coming next! Yipee!

The problem is, she is supposed to be spending her FIRST overnight slumber party in a friend's house; on the same night that the tooth fairy is supposed to come. And her friend's house is at least 30 minute drive from our place.

Afraid that the tooth fairy would not find the right address, she decided to leave her tooth under her pillow, in her bed, at home. Of course, we are all instructed not to open her bedroom door so that the gift from the tooth fairy would not be lost. She is the only one allowed to go inside her room, please.

The next day when she arrived home, although bursting with stories, she decided to run to her room first; of course, closely followed by her friend and her sister.

She slowly opened her bedroom door, stood in the middle of it for a minute to make sure that everything still looks the same -- and looked under her pillow.

When we heard the shouts upstairs, we knew that the tooth fairy found the right gift for her; and it was delivered to the right address, too!

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