Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Overnights and the Rules

My girls have been invited to slumber parties, but almost always; they would end up going home with us. Even though all their bags are packed already.

Maybe it's because my husband was not yet ready, too. Because although he would say the girls could decide, one would still hear the hesitation.

That changed when MC was invited to a birthday party. It was the big wish of the birthday girl, Rose, which is MC's closest friend -- she wants a slumber party. Almost all of the girl's in class were invited; and MC caught up with the excitement, too. She declared she would go.

My husband and I agreed because we know the girl and her family; and MC and Rosa has been playing together and been visiting each other for sometime.

But of course, there are rules to follow:
- You are not supposed to leave the house
- You would be picked up, unless something came up; in which we would call Rosa's mama and we would ask her to pass the phone to you if there are other arrangements made
- You can always call us anytime
- Be a good girl
- Dont forget to brush your teeth

How was her first slumber party? Fun!

And of course, IC wanted to experience it, too. Easily arranged. She got invited, and she stayed! Although at first she was not yet 100% sure; she just said just pack my bag and I would let you know. She did let us know.. a few minutes in her friends's house and she turned to us and asked 'why are you still here?'

My girls are growing up :D

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