Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advents Calendar 2010

December 01, the traditional countdown for Christmas started with the opening of the first window of the advents calendar.

And I realized just how time changes.

When before, it would usually take me the whole eleven months before December to collect, prepare and create the girls' advents calendar; now it took only a day.

No, they dont want me to buy 24 surprises (48 actually) to be placed inside calendar.
No, they dont want me to create my own design again.

They have already decided. They wanted a playmobil advents calendar.
Yet I still asked, 'Should I change the packaging so that it wont be in the box?'

Their answer was, 'No Mama, the playmobil calendar is good enough as it is.'

I thanked them for sparing me the work; but honestly, I missed the exciting chance to collect the 48 items. And I admit that I miss being creative for my girls.

What I did is create a Christmassy corner and planted their playmobil advents calendar. It made them happy, me, too!

But wait, it turned out; it's a role reverse.

My girls were the ones secretly collecting, preparing and creating our advents calendar! I didnt realize the meaning of their long absence from our side. And those words: 'please knock before entering our room; please dont look on our table if you must enter our room.'

Yes, they are working on our advents kalendar. But, they excused themselves as they were not able to finish it on the first day of December, nor on the second day, nor on the third day,....

My husband and I told them to just go ahead and work on it leisurely. It would be fun to open more windows in one day after all!

They did finish the calendar today :-D

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Anyway, I dont know this advent calendar except that my bdays falls in Are you still in Germany? All the best. Rey

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