Wednesday, December 1, 2010

IC Talks About Opa

The day after Opa's funeral, I fetched IC after school. As usual, I asked her about her day on our way home. She informed me that she told everybody about what happened.

Her own words:
Opa was in a box sorrounded by flowers. Everybody was singing for him.
And then they carried the box and pushed it until we reached Oma's grave.
The men laid the box inside the hole.
I was the first one in the line. I was allowed to shovel soil in the hole where Opa's box is.
Then we waited for all the people and we went to the cafe for some snacks.
And she excitedly added, 'I also told them that the piece of cake I have for school today? That was from the cafe yesterday.'

To me she said, ' you know what mama, we are lucky. Now we have two angels watching over us -- first the oma and now the opa.'

MC, learning about 'the box' reacted by saying 'that is not just a box; that is a special box.'

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