Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Best in Math

'Mama, dont you know that my teacher told me today that I am the best in Math?' IC, who's in grade one, casually said last week.

'And dont you know that my seatmates would always look into my Math workbooks because they wanted to know the right answers?' she added with a little confusion.

Shrugging her shoulders, 'well you know, mama, I love Math. It is easy and fun.'

I told her it is good that she loves Math. And I told her to recall why she is loving Math now.

She was learning the numbers when her big sister was doing it as a homework already.
She was solving Math problems with the help of her big sister and doing it as a game.
She was always sitting down with her sister when a tutor comes to teach.
She has already finished half of her Math book for grade one.
She is interested and is always ready to learn.

We have also tried to keep her interest by playing games with her that involves numbers. And not to forget, we praise all her efforts!

Naturally, she is also starting to be proud of what she can. And that's another inspiration for her to learn more. We are so proud of her.

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Wise Mom Says said...

This is the advantage of the siblings having the right age gap, yet maintaining a good relationship. They can have fun and play, while learning at the same time. Aside from the fact that the little one gets to make learning fun and easy, it also teaches the older sibling to be more responsible.

Kudos to the parents too, for bringing up your kids the right way!