Saturday, January 8, 2011

To-Do List Before and After Welcoming 2011

I stopped creating a New Year's Resolution way, way back. Simply because I noticed that my list are almost the same -- exercise more, eat less.

I also noticed that although I dont list these things down, I tend to automatically tick them off in my head. So I am sharing my New Year's to do list. And I am proud to say, these things are already done and is being done!

- I have started the tradition and wish this to be a ritual for my girls and I, cleaning and tidying up before the New Year arrives.

- Having fresh linens, sheets and towels; that means letting the washing machine work overtime!

- Clean and sort out the medicine cabinets; and those in the ref, too.

- Check and refill the kitchen supplies. Make sure that there are enough sugar, rice, flour, egg and salt. A hint of superstition as in the Philippines, we make sure that all supplies are filled as an empty cupboard is a bad start.

- Clean the ref and check the frozen items in the freezer.

- Clear and sort out the items in storeroom. This time I will throw the old boxes and exchange them with the sturdy ones and really label them!

- Try to clear up and work on my paperworks and computer files.

- With the kids, sort out their toys and clothes--  their favorite ones would stay, those who could be sold via ebay and the rest to charity.

- Sort out our clothes into three boxes -- to keep, to ebay, to charity.

And then relax in a warm tub with a good book; while enjoying my bath, my husband would usually give me a glass of wine for my hard work :-D


KK said...

I like your list Raq! Exercise more, eat less.... same here :) .

Best Wishes to your and your Family for the New Year!

Vlado&Toni said...

hello raquel - mabuhay! are you back in DE? kakadelete ko lang ng number mo sa phone ko..(in line with new year clean up) *wink* kaya ayaw kong nagta-tapon eh!!!