Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who's going next?

Swamped with the thoughts of sickness and death the last weeks, six-year-old IC still cant get over it. She started analyzing and asking questions; most of which we tried very hard to answer.

Such as this: 'Mama, my sister (who is more than a year older than her) would be the first one to go, right? Because she is older than me.'

I think she came to this conclusion because we also told her that Opa is gone because he was sick and he is already too old to really cope up with all the medicine and the attention.

MC, who's sitting beside her butted out, 'of course not!'

I tried to reassure both of them by saying: ' We would never know when it is our time to go. But this I want you to know: if you eat the right food, have enough exercise or do sports, and always are careful wherever you go and whatever you do and always pray and be grateful for what you have -- then you would have a longer life.'

That seemed to settle them down.

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