Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birth Dates Take-Over

'Mama, since Opa and Oma (Grandma and Grandpa) are already in heaven; could we have their birthdays?, asked IC after an evening prayer.

It turned out that since her sister MC's birthday falls on the same month as the Oma (December), and IC's birthday's in April like the Opa, the girls have discussed and ended up with a scheme: They would take-over Oma and Opa's birthday so that it would not take a long time for them to wait for their respective birthdates.

I explained to them that they cannot simply take-over anybody's birthday or else they would turn 100 years old fast! Plus, birthdays are special. It is the celebration of someone's birth. It is a celebration of life.

And most important of all, they would have enough time to list down their birthday wishes; and would not have to hurry in preparing for their birthday parties.

Those words seemed to satisfy :-D

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callcenterguy said...

Kids can really say the darnedest things. Hahaha