Monday, February 14, 2011

Traditions for Valentine

And I thought Valentine's Day would pass just so... because of the chaos of transferring to a new house, of the kids facing another school transfer, of health challenges, etc..

But tradition is powerful.

I already secretly talked to the girls that we would prepare a special Valentine's dinner at home tonight. The girls would help prepare and cook everything. Excited whispers followed, especially when they confirmed over the radio that it is indeed, Valentine's Day.

After school, the girls were fetched by their papa. And I got my traditional Valentine's Day gifts. The girls proudly shoved a long-stemmed rose each to my face; while my husband presented another vase of orchid to add to our collection of special day orchids.

Well, I had a little surprise for them, too. I prepared and decorated our lunch table filled with heart-shaped gummi bears, roses and their favorite meals: squash bread slices, perfumed rice, spaghetti, goulasch and Schweizer art geschnetzeltes!

'Mama, I love the decors and the lunch was great,' said my six-year old. From my husband, I got a gentle kiss for my effort :-D

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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haze said...

Happy V day Raquel ! How are you & the family? Are back to Germany or just a vacation ? Well, haven't been blogging =( ! I try to update my blog but it's hard with my 3rd baby, as in super busy na.

Will update my blog & blog hop often ! Take care .