Monday, February 28, 2011

Danke, Frau Schwarz (Thank You, Ms. Schwarz)

My six-year-old IC is sad. Since we found a home in another city, we have no choice but for the girls to transfer to another school, too. This is the third time in this school year that they have had to transfer schools; thus it is understandable that there would be some difficulties.

But because IC was able to adjust immediately in her last school transfer, we assumed it would be okay this third time, too. We were wrong. During our first visit to their new school, we brought the girls with us. IC wasnt happy. She noticed a lot of 'wrong things.' She decided that she would stay in her old school.

We explained to her that since we live in another city, we had to find a school nearer our new home. We told her that she would find new friends; and that she could always play with her old school friends, too. She wasnt convinced. The Sunday before their first day in the new school, she was already sad which ended up with tears. We consoled her by saying we would bring her to school and if she wants, we could wait outside until the last bell rings.

The first school day was ok, her classroom adviser was sick but Frau Schwarz has taken over the class. Frau Schwarz greeted her and led IC to her place. IC followed without a backward glance to us. My husband and I left without worries.

IC would work on her homeworks and would get up for class; but she would always cry during bedtimes and upon waking up 'I dont want to go to school.' She said she misses us. She said she's homesick. She says she's getting headaches. No amount of convincing works; we even tried bribing her. ( I know, I know!)

On the third day of school, Frau Schwarz called us up. IC's complaining of a bad headache and we should fetch her immediately. We fetch her and she started crying again. She wont go back to school. She wanted to return to her old school or else she would continue to have more headaches!

Then, when I was cuddling with her in bed; her teacher, Frau Schwarz, called up. She wanted to know if IC feels better. She said she would find a better place for IC to sit in the classroom. She said IC should get well fast because her classmates miss her, Frau Schwarz, too. Frau Schwarz needs her to be there in the classroom because she helps her teach her classmates during homework time.

My husband talked to Frau Schwarz and told her about IC. But only hearing that her teacher called up to check on her made IC feel better already. IC said, 'Mama, I feel better and I think I love Frau Schwarz.' I told her I am pretty sure her teacher loves her, too.

To Frau Schwarz: Thank you very much for taking time to call and inquire about IC. You made her feel better and you made us feel good that we have a caring teacher looking out for our girl.

This thank you goes to all Frau Schwarzes out there! May your loving tribe multiply :-D

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