Saturday, June 4, 2011

Creative Meals with Spinach

Our spinach corner is still thriving so fast. I have been harvesting spinach almost everyday. And since the leaves are growing faster than I could use them, the family have become creative in making meals with spinach.

I have some in the freezer after washing them, letting them dry and packing them in ziploc bags.

I have mixed chopped spinach with a simple fried rice.

Fried Rice with Spinach:
Heat the pan and add oil. Sprinkle water over left-over rice, mash them a bit then add to the pan. Mix the spinach. Season with pepper, salt and garlic powder. Mix. Serve with green salad.

My husband have grounded spinach mixed in his spƤtzle (homemade German pasta); the spinach turned it into a wonderful green color that the girls cant get enough of it!

Our hamburger relishes now include freshly picked spinach leaves, instead of lettuce.

Our green salad bowls are flavored with spinach leaves, too.

We use chopped spinach leaves in our egg sandwiches.

There's always spinach spread in our potato gratin.

Our lasagna's been turning green with spinach.

All our pasta recipes are laced with spinach.

I have plans to make spinach tempura in the near future.

And we cannot wait to start making different spins of spinach soup!

We love our spinach! Dont ask if we suddenly turn green!

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