Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am Cooking Today

Nine-year-old MC continues her role at home as a cook.

Since last week, she's been declaring that she would be cooking for us. She has selected the menu (Colorful Noodle Salad and Happy Face Bread). She has listed down all the needed ingredients. Then a few days ago, she joined us in the grocery store, picking out the items from her list.

And then yesterday, she was the man in the kitchen. She instructed me to cook the noodles earlier so that it would be cold enough for her salad when she starts manning the kitchen for dinner.

Then she tied her own apron, washed her hands according to the kitchen manual; removed her wristwatch (remember, no jewelries when cooking); had a kitchen towel nearby; prepared all the needed ingredients.

Colorful Noodle Salad Recipe

500 g cooked pasta noodles
4 pcs. grated carrots
12 pcs. cocktail tomatoes
1/2 pc. chopped cucumber
100 g. cheese in cubes (we used Gouda)
5 tbsp. wine vinegar
3 tbsp. cooking oil ( we used olive oil)
For the salad dressing:
1 tsp. mustard
salt and pepper to taste
a half bunch of chives

1. Prepare all the ingredients. Place the pasta noodle in a salad bowl. Set aside five pieces of tomatoes. Cut the tomatoes in half and add to the noodles. Put the carrots, cheese, cucumber in the mixture.
2. In a screw-top glass, mix together wine vinegar, cooking oil, mustard, salt and pepper. Screw it close and shake well.
3. Mix the noodle mixture with the salad dressing. Relish with chopped chives and the rest of the tomatoes.
Tips: You can add other favorite vegetables.
After a few minutes of just being an observer, she finally asked for my help. I was tasked to chop the cucumber and the carrots (which I did and after awhile she stopped me as the carrots were supposed to be grated!!). Seven-year-old IC joined us by helping in washing the veggies; then she settled down near the salad bowl where she ended up picking out noodles and tomatoes 'to taste' while her big sister mixed the salad sauce.

After the salad had been tossed, MC had a spoonful to taste -- then another, then another and declared. 'Mama, my salad is so delicious, I could eat the whole bowl.' Happy with her success, she proceeded to clean-up. Afterwards, she decided right there and then that we wont need a Happy Face Sandwich after all.

That disappointed IC who suggested that the best thing to accompany the salad would be hotdogs. Good thing we just brought a fresh wieneler from the meat shop and we still have a pack of bacon. IC helped me wrap the bacon around the wieneler, and then we baked them for a few minutes.

Voila! A meal prepared by the girls. There were no untoward incident -- with the girls -- it was the only adult in the kitchen (me) who got nicked by the knife :-D Be careful, Mama!!!

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